The first blockchain-based dual app that rewards everyone's workouts
The more you workout, the more you earn.
Calculator From October 15th on, those who get access to the Beta version of our App will be able to make money with their workouts. Curious to know how much will you earn? Use the calculator below.
About Created through Proof of Workout Blockchain, the SHAPE token can be earned by wearing a smart watch while you walk or exercise, via auto-tracking your everyday activity
Getting started and earning tokens with inSHAPE couldn't be simpler, whether you’re a crypto enthusiast with a passion for working out or just starting out. inSHAPE really is the simplest way to make money while you exercise.
Download the app and connect
your wallet
Start walking and exercising as much as
you want on a daily basis
Get rewarded with SHAPE tokens and
make money on international exchanges
Marketplace On the App's Marketplace there'll be products and services, that can be purchased exclusively with SHAPE coins, at absolutely special prices.
Earn More Earn More NFT Wild Cards are special NFTs that can be minted or purchased with SHAPE tokens. A holder can make up to 30 times more money for the same workout time.
NFT Details
1) Quality
2) Level
From 1 to 7, depending on the upgrade level
3) Efficiency
Enhance SHAPE earnings (x3 - x30)
4) Resistance
Repair after workout
5) Upgrade
Enhance level
We plan to launch our beta app version in October 15th, 2022.
The app will soon be available on both     
App Store      Google Play
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This is how SHAPE tokens are allocated at the beginning of the business, wherein the max supply of tokens is fixed at 1B tokens. Only 300M of tokens will be mined for promotion purposes. Later on, only the miners will be able to mine further amounts.
Total supply
Max supply
Token allocation
Total percentage, Lockup and Vesting
Token allocation, Lockup, Vesting and Total Percentage
inSHAPE Mining - 70% Public Sale ( including IDO & IEO ) - 4.5% Liquidity & Staking - 5% Company reserve - 5% Marketing & Community Building - 2.5% Team & Advisors - 7.5% Private Sale B - 2% Private Sale A - 1.8% Seed - 1.5% Pre-seed - 0.2%
           Pre-seed (a believer community round)
0% unlocked at TGE, locked up for 3 months,
12 months linear vesting
0% unlocked at TGE, locked up for 3 months,
12 months linear vesting
          Private Sale
0% unlocked at TGE, locked up for 2 months,
9 months linear vesting
           Team & Advisors
0% unlocked at TGE, locked up for 12 months,
24 months linear vesting
          Marketing & Community Building
0% unlocked at TGE, 24 months linear vesting
          Company reserve
0% unlocked at TGE, 36 months linear vesting
          Liquidity & Staking
20% unlocked at TGE,
24 months linear vesting
          Public sale ( including IDO&IEO )
10% unlocked at TGE
6 months linear vesting
          inSHAPE Mining
5 years distribution minimum
Important note: Tokenomics could be subject to change, updates, or rebalancing
Funds use Our funds are divided into 4 different categories: marketing actions, platform development, legal & accountancy and liquidity to exchanges.
Team A dedicated team of engineers, specialists, product designers, health experts and sports trainers are uniting their powers.
Creative and dedicated people
Years of blockchain combined experience
Years of combined experience
Executive Team
Laurentiu Mutu
Co-Founder & CEO
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Alec Macri
Co-Founder & COO
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Bryan Okafor
Global Marketing Manager
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Elena Andrei
Business Development Manager
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Cristian Ferentz
Back-End Developer
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Stere Farmache
Business Advisor
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Mihai Craiu
Business Advisor
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Ciprian Costea
Chief Financial Advisor
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Vladimir Zlate
Chief Multimedia Advisor
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Razvan Teodorescu
Chief Marketing Advisor
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